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Prepping – Medical Supplies .com/watch?v=aAv5TGX4V-0

You can contact me at [email protected] I am not paid to sponsor this product nor do I receive any material gain of any kind for posting this link Anytime Doctor Basic Travel Pack The pack contains; Medicines Amoxicillin 500mg – Broad spectrum antibiotic used for chest, ear, tooth, bowel and urine infections. Contains 21 capsules or Erythromycin 250mg – Good antibiotic if you are allergic to penicillin (Amoxicillin), to be used for chest, ear, eye, skin and bowel infections. Contains 28 tablets Doxycycline 100mg – Used for lung, bowel, urine and sexually transmitted infections. Contains 14 capsules Fucidin Cream 2% – Locally applied antibiotic for skin infections. Pack contains 15 gram tube Azithromycin 500mg – Antibiotic to treat most bacterial causes of travellers’ diarrhoea. Pack contains 3 tablets Cetirizine 10mg – Non-sedating antihistamine for itching or allergic conditions. Contains 10 tablets Aspirin 300mg – Used for a range of conditions from sore throats to heart attacks. Contains 8 tablets Hydrocortisone Cream 1% – Used for rashes and skin inflammation. Pack contains 15 gram tube Loperamide 2mg – Also known as Imodium™ and used for diarrhoea. Contains 10 tablets Dioralyte Oral Powder – Replaces water and salts lost from your body when you have diarrhoea. Contains 6 sachets Medical Supplies 4 Dressings – Mepore™ dressings for keeping wounds clean 5 Sterile Gauzes – for cleaning wounds and stopping blood loss from cuts and abrasions 1 Bandage – large multipurpose bandage Steri-Strip – strong adhesive strip for closing up cuts and wounds 2 Sterile Medical Wipes – sterilises skin and surfaces before any contact 1 Safety Pin – holds bandages together Sterile Gloves – single use Plasters – small selection pack Medication travel bag – lightweight and water resistant with room to add your own items as needed

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  1. My local pound shops also do the paracetamol – for our US cousin’s, here in the UK there is a limit of 32 tablets for paracetamol and Ibuprofen) – and also the diarrhoea tablets.
    I would add some triangular bandages (slings, head dressing), some electrolyte powders (for diarrhoea), some saline tubes (for flushing eyes), a couple of disposable AV masks, pair of tweezers, pair of shears, small tube of antiseptic cream, a couple of large self adhesive dressings (if you need to treat a wound asap, then move the person to somewhere safe), a couple of chemical cold packs (for strains, bruising), some “ear buds” and a “space blanket (for treating shock). Also ensure that the gloves fit you, better off finding out now, then when you need then 🙂
    To a home kit, I would include a “Sam splint”, several tube bandages (ensure that you have the right size for the family), eye bath and wash, tourniquet, a ridged VA mask, Iodine, some butterfly stiches and a good first aid book with pictures / photos.
    If you have kids, then consider some “child” plasters (as having a dino plaster on your boo boo makes it much better) and child versions of paracetamol, cough and other medication.
    The most important thing, if you haven’t already done it, is to enrol the whole family onto a first aid course, no point in having all that nice kit, if you don’t know how to use it and it may be you that needs the attention 🙂

    1. @Janet Granger Dollhouse Needlepoint I have done the same, but you watch the US channels and they come back from the shops with bottles of 100 and all other sorts of nice medicines that we can’t get hold of without a prescription 🙁

    2. @Grant Jones They also seem to be able to buy huge trays of just about any food – 50 pound sacks of things, and huge boxes of veg – just from normal supermarkets.

    3. @Janet Granger Dollhouse Needlepoint Yep, but I guess that is a result of evolution, they always seem to have bigger kitchens and cellars than us, for storage. We with our little homes have nowhere to store a 50 pound sack of anything, just a few tins in a cupboard 🙁

  2. Loved the medical prep. I have a couple of smaller first aid kits but I think I need to stock up on some more bandages especially those adherent ones.

    1. Hey Caroline,

      I love the Blue conforming bandages great for your pets and people as well.

      I will be adding more to the pile

  3. I’d seen them in the US which is clearly no good for us lovely UK people. Fantastic that it’s being done here.
    Definitely worth getting something like Israeli trauma bandages and Celox gauze for big bleeds.

    1. Hey Galar

      I will be looking to get some Israeli Bandages and flexible splints to add to my kits

  4. Hi could you please provide the link as to where you got the medical travelling kit from thanks

    1. Hi Lesley it should be on the description of the video as well as a list of what’s included in the kit 🙂

    2. Hi @Scottish Urban Prepper do you have to say you will be travelling to purchase these or are they okay with them being a part of prepping supplies? Thanks

    3. @Kareno Hey Karen when you fill the form in it does ask wheee youb would be travelling to

  5. One thing that might be seen as sort of ‘medical’ is hearing aid batteries – my husband needs them, and although he can get a three month supply free from Specsavers at the moment when he has a check-up, he has also bought two years’ worth from Ebay, ‘just in case’.

    1. Yes that’s so right, small things often forgotten, I thought of getting even more batteries the other day as we now have a stair lift.

    2. Great suggestion Janet and certainly something we should be flexible with to make sure our kits reflect us

  6. If you dont have any diarrhoea tablets, you can take a Tspn of cornflour in a drop of water, it does work but takes a little time, if you take too much will ‘bung’ you up, so be careful. (Not Medical Advise)

  7. Can’t thank you enough David for everything you do for the channel. This is an awesome first aid kit, well worth getting in if you are able to.

  8. A good starter kit , Germaline is a good addition as is a 2 part dental repair kit ( you mix them together rather than the cheaper ready to use putty types ) . Clean out the tooth with a brush and TCP to kill all the bacteria before filling and the filling is as good as a dentists . When we goto the park i carry a swiss army explorer knife in a little monocular pouch with 8 or 10 plasters , usually we are the only ones there with a plaster when kids get hurt , our kids will come running over for a plaster for other kids – just shows how people don’t thonk ahead . But the knife has scissors / tweezers / magnifier / knife which come in handy . Only tiome i couldn’t help for laughing was when the oldest son ( he was 3 ) decided to go down a hill in the woods on his bike wth stabalisers on , over the handle bars and he got up with blood all over his face . This wasn’t funny but the mouth full of bluebells had me in stiches . he stood there trying to cry with bluebells hanging down , he’d just bust his nose but the dirt made it look worse than it was . Close second was when the wife sent his older sister down the slide when she was 1 , off the end she flew and bust her nose and i got the blame ! as i was standing over the slide with my 35mm camera to get a picture of her coming down and the wife ” thought ” i was going to catch her lol . But from these little misshaps we started taking plasters with us .

    1. Great Suggestions for the kits

      I hope the picture of those bluebells is used during family gatherings 🙂

      But so true minor things can spur us into action

  9. I have found first aid and medical supplies to be the most easily explainable and justifiable category to show non-preppers, especially post-pandemic and after the terror scares a few years ago

    1. In terms of accessibility first aid is always the easiest thing for non preppers to accept

  10. A good selection of items! I love those bandages for the pets. I have a bunch of those. Antibiotics are so important to have on hand. I got my Jase Case a few days ago and I’m so glad to have it. Great point about the non-prepper in your home being more acceptable of the traveler’s pack than the traditional way preppers did antibiotics.

    1. Hey Dianne, haven’t caught your video yet for your Medical kit with chase yet. I have checked the website out I am hoping they will expand to the UK 🇬🇧

      If they do I am so buying that kit such a great item 🙂

  11. The BMA has raised concerns that airlines, including EasyJet, are asking travellers to bring a GP letter explaining medicines in their hand luggage.

    GP leaders said they would ‘raise this issue’ with the airlines in question and advised practices to direct patients to their medical record on the NHS app or charge patients for the information

    1. It used to be all medications had to be in the original boxes as it proved the medicine was on prescription due to the label and also have the dosage etc

      Fingers crossed this is a mis communication somewhere along the line

    2. @Scottish Urban Prepper It is ok if like me the meds will be used in this country but maybe not suitable for travel abroad without a letter 😁

  12. That medical bag is great. I didn’t think it was possible to get emergency antibiotic supplies in the UK. Quite pricy though. I wonder if ordering from an Indian pharmacy would be cheaper.

    1. He Natalie could possibly be cheaper to order from a Indian clinic thing to watch is the lead time for getting that sent back over to you the last time I bought iodine tablets from an Indian clinic it took three weeks and that was the special delivery option

  13. I was just about to buy this pack through your link. How can they give me prescription antibiotics without prescription? Isn’t that a contradiction?

    1. Hey Stephen

      It’s a travel pack so once you select the country you may travel to the can issue it as a preventative

      You have it as you may travel somewhere, you may have need of the medication but will have limited access

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