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  1. Me and my fiancé making $5100 every 2 weeks delivering meds under a contract wit a transport company. We got 3 vans Get u a ein number and a LLC, commercial drivers insurance.

    1. Hi once we have LLC and commercial driving insurance, how Can I go About finding contracts like these in my area? If you don’t mind mr asking, thank you so much in advanced 👏

    2. That’s what I looove to hear and see! Congratulations! Hope this inspire others! Thanks for sharing 🙏🏽

  2. I find it really hard to find medical courier jobs that pay decently. I made $200 an hour once but that was only for half a day. I just happened to get lucky. Over four hours I picked up 17 stat labs that paid $50 each, all going to the same drop at the end.

  3. GOshare sounds very interesting. My insurance company won’t allow thos being insured with them. I would have to get a corporate policy and was told that I would have to drop my full coverage. I was also ad ised that the. Commercial plans can be very expensive

  4. GoShare say you must pay for your own background check. Cost is $45. Amazon Flex don’t charge you for your own background check like GoShare. I notice barely anyone is commenting about their actual experience other than people saying they aren’t getting any work once approved…after paying $45 for their own background check. Hummmmmm.

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